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Prevent Disaster Before It Happens

Individual homeowner insurance claims for water damage and freezing average more than $5,500.* In fact, there are more insurance claims for water damage and freezing than for fire and theft combined. Installing environmental sensors help protect against damage and property loss from flood and freezing temperatures. If water or low-temperature is detected, your security system can contact the Secure Operations Center—or even call you on your cell phone—so you can stop damage before it starts.

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets
Asset protection devices respond to subtle changes in the position of the protected object, and can be used to help prevent theft. You can be informed if someone moves a treasured heirloom vase, opens your jewelry box or touches your coin collection–even if your alarm system is not armed!

These sensors affix easily to valuables including flat screen TVs, heirlooms and more—notifying you with a chime at the keypad or with a text/email notification if an attempt is made to move a protected object.

*Source: www.iii.org