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Fire / Life Safety Solutions

Internet based monitoring of fire and life safety improves the response time of analog systems and can eliminate phone lines to reduce expense. The Interface team of fire system professionals can analyze your fire system requirements to design, install, and maintain your fire alarm systems. With a nationwide business base, Interface is unusually qualified to help you satisfy local codes, standards and authorities having jurisdiction.  

A fire alarm system is designed for early detection of heat and/or smoke. Our Internet and radio based systems accelerate fire department response to minimize damage and loss. Interface monitors and inspects all fire related systems, including detection, suppression and sprinklers.

Full Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Services
Inspection, testing and maintenance are your keys to compliance safety. Fire Codes stipulate that systems, and their devices, must be periodically tested to ensure system functionality in the event of a possible disastrous situation. Regardless of the probability, knowing that mechanical and electrical devices are subject to failure, our company and services help ensure that your system works and will not compromise your safety during an emergency.