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More Intelligent Surveillance

Interface provides state-of-the-art video surveillance systems that allow customers to watch their business from a remote location, or with our Digital Witness solutions, Interface will monitor it from our Central Command Center (C3). Intervention Specialists are able to watch, listen to and talk directly with our clients' locations. This unprecedented technology allows us to provide video and audio verification to law enforcement officials and virtually eliminates false alarms.

Video Verification
When an alarm is triggered at the location, an Intervention Specialist looks into the location using existing video surveillance equipment to verify the cause. If a suspicious event is occurring, they'll notify authorities.

Rapid Response
Rapid Response uses two-way audio coupled with video surveillance to assist in emergency situations. When an alarm is triggered, Intervention Specialists respond immediately, notifying the location that activity is being monitored and recorded. Alarms can be activated through the push of a panic button, wireless pendant, contact break or motion detector. When necessary the Intervention Specialist will notify authorities and the local company contact.

Virtual Guard Services
Intervention Specialists perform like virtual security guards watching over businesses and responding immediately as required. They can conduct virtual tours, escort employees on and off the premises and ensure the security of your business 24/7, all for a fraction of the cost of a live security guard.

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